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Updated at 04.03.2021

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Affiliate programs casino are the supporting services that publish content about betting platforms. Such programs have several popular AU programs that they advertise. Every time a service user visits a platform or makes a downpayment at a platform, the program and the publishers get a percentage. Basically, gambling affiliate programs exist to bring new clients to famous internet gambling platforms. 

The reason why platforms cooperated with such programs is that they have a database of brands. When a casino website is advertised through a brand website that is famous around the world, customers certainly trust such ads. It ensures a high income even when the number of offers is limited. 

Casino Affiliate Offers And Payouts

In this article, we decided to list the best casino affiliate programs which give fantastic information on platform brands in Australia and other places. Check the reliable and famous casino affiliates list:

  1. Golden Star
  2. Gunsbet
  3. Ladbrokes
  4. Bitstarz
  5. Lucky Bet

The names above are excellent big-name online casino affiliate programs with the amazing offers that you can find in 2021. On average, the existing programs offer approximately 40% of the share. For example, Golden Star takes 50%, Bitstarz and Lucky Bet between 25% and 40%, while Gunsbet and Ladbrokes have their unique revenue sharing models. 

There is different payment requirements. Golden Star program requires monthly payment by the 10th of every month. Gunsbet has a choice of payments that can be discussed with each customer individually. Ladbrokes program offers CPA, Revenue Share, and Hybrid while Lucky Bet takes an additional revenue from referral activity. 

How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work?

All online casino affiliates have one goal: to bring together both advertisers and publishers. The affiliate’s goal is to make sure lots of eyes get onto the platform and search out the specified gaming arena. The most useful ways to make sure clients come and visit a specific online casino is to create a new website with tips and guides. The websites that give help on “How to” work perfectly and gain much trust. 

The reason why so many web-based platforms in Australia cooperate with affiliates is to focus on management but not attracting new clients. These top class platforms come up with impressive bonuses, get famous vendors to supply the best games, provide safe payment methods and make sure that the client support is great. At the same time, affiliates publish content about a platform and the number of people who are interested in gaming for real money grows with an incredible speed. 

There are various schemes the casino affiliate marketing programs work:

  • CPL (Cost Per Lead) - a one time deal when an affiliate receives a commission for every player who signs up at a certain platform.
  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) - the deal when an affiliate gets paid for his services after a player creates a membership and meets a minimum deposit requirements.
  • Revenue Share - the best deal as an affiliate gets money every time a client makes a signup, the minimum deposit plus gets a share of the clients’ losses.

As you have already learned through reading through this article, many trustful programs provide shared payment. It means that an affiliate receives a fee when a gambler signs up and deposits funds into their account. Also, the platform and an affiliate share some of the clients losses.

Revenue Share is certainly the best deal this is why all the famous gambling platforms use these programs providing this method. This way, gambling platforms in Australia get quality clients - those who are genuinely interested in playing for real cash and win.


Through the information you have now read you have a comprehensive guide to choosing a reliable affiliate, you have discovered how betting platforms advertise their services and get quality Aussie gamblers. To learn more, you need to head to affiliate platforms as they hold a lot of excellent data that can guide you in the future. Clients can get the latest and most specific data on AU platforms and positions. You will also learn about all licensed betting platforms in the UK or those betting platforms that allow clients to place funds and cash out their winnings in Bitcoin currency.

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