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Updated at 17.01.2021

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Hands down the most famous game right now, poker steadily increasing in popularity up to this day. Many talented and lucky individuals make a living from online poker tournaments. Maybe it is your time to shine finally. Learn about the basics with an addition to a couple of winning strategies and tips to start earning real money through internet gambling.

New rules

The origins of it are still unknown but there are many indirect mentions of card games with somewhat similar to poker rules. It is a classic European gambling activity which has many variations during the past 400 years.

The 1st mention of the 52-card poker dated 1834. But the main principle has not changed at all. Who has the best hand between all the participants wins the pot. Knowledge of this part of the game is necessary to play poker in any variation. Let us look up at all combinations:

  1. High Card. The weakest combo. When any other combination is not possible. Winner decided by the rank of the highest card.
  2. Pair. Just 2 cards of the same kind. Kicker (the highest card in a hand that does not belong to any combination) decides a winner.
  3. 2 pairs. Kicker decides who will win.
  4. 3 of a kind. 3 cards of the same rank. Kicker decides a winner.
  5. Straight. 5 cards makes a sequence. Winner decided by the highest card.
  6. Flush. 5 cards of the same suit. Winner decided by the highest card.
  7. Full house. Trips + pair. Winner decided by the rank of the triplet.
  8. 4 of a kind. 4 cards of the same rank. Kicker decides a winner.
  9. Straight flush. 5 cards of the same suit makes a sequence. Winner decided by the highest card..

Ranks and number of available hands determined by the type of poker, Australia is using Texas Hold ‘em as a staple variant in the most land based casinos. First of all, let us introduce you to the 3 basic types of the poker games:

  1. Draw. Hands are hidden. Gamblers can replace cards.
  2. Stud. Some cards received face-up so the game has more strategic planning to it.
  3. Community. Players receive a hidden hand which can be completed using the shared pool of the face-up poker cards.

The flow of the session is determined by the set of rules. Priority of the wagers, value of the hands and winning condition are stated here. Mentioned above Texas Hold ‘em is one of them, but it does not mean other sets are not present in the modern gambling landscape:

  1. Wilds. Some cards represent different ones under certain conditions.
  2. High-low split. Pot is split between the best and worst hands at the end of the round.
  3. Stripped. Some cards were removed.
  4. Twist. Certain cards can be bought out from the deck.
  5. Trade. Players can trade cards publically or keep it secret.
  6. Lowball. The worst hand is the best hand.
  7. Kill. Progressive stake.
  8. Mixed. Set of rules differ from round to round.

It is just a tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of variants to choose from. Some are great for competitive sessions, others are for gaming sessions with friends or to shake things up. Players eager to secure the pot so it is expected to have a strategy for the game. It is possible to use the universal Martingale scheme and double the wager after each loss, but it is hardly enough to compete in such a complex game.

The plan can be split in 3 major categories:

  1. Bankroll management. It is important to calculate the risks and adapt your betting strategy according to the amount of cash left as well as bankroll condition of the opponents.
  2. Psychology. Understanding the mental state of the opponents is key to the win. Timed bluffs and huge raises can turn the tides of the battle in your favor.
  3. Cards. The deck is limited so it is possible to make pretty accurate predictions about the hand of your opponents and remaining cards in the pack.

Mastering these principles is what differentiate new players and veterans. You can read «The Theory of Poker» by David Sklansky or «Super System» by Mike Caro to start your journey to the world of gambling having comprehensive knowledge. But it is necessary to understand what is so great about the game in the first place.

What is good

Online poker has almost a cult status in America, but Australia is not so far behind. It is impossible to visit a land based casino that does have a couple of poker tables and video poker machines. Developers of these slots have combined the joy of hitting the payline with the core characteristics of poker itself. Speaking of them, these things are surely makes the game what it is:

  • fun and fast paced rounds;
  • space for mind games and bluffs;
  • opportunity to test your analytic and social skills;
  • endless money making potential.

The major drawback of the game is its round system so it is easy to sink in many hours without acknowledging it. But come on, who said that is not what gamblers are coming for. But it raises another question about the place to come and play poker online.

Where to wager

Choosing the place to play yourself is a chore, so we suggest using the professional view of our team. Looking through endless lists of the best online poker sites is not the greatest experience.If you want to review them yourself you can use the following criteria.

These places where you can play should have a rewarding loyalty program in addition to great welcome bonuses up to 2000 AUD. Before making the list of the best online poker Australia casinos you should try their apps for PC, smartphone and tablet. Also review the desktop and mobile versions of their sites.

So we have decided to make our own top 5 internet casinos with a bunch of poker game vendors to choose from:

  • Kahuna;
  • Fairgo;
  • Jackpot City;
  • BitStarz;
  • SpaceLilly.

All of that can be compared to the highest industry standards. Their games all have demo versions too. So if there anything that can prevent you from playing a couple of free poker games that is the AU gambling laws.

AU Legislations

While the regular version is allowed in casinos, hotels and clubs the free online poker is strictly prohibited. But that should not be a problem with the advent of vpn and proxy services. Moreover, many online casinos work perfectly fine without them. Often internetttttt gambling houses work in a different jurisdiction (e. g. Malta, Sweden, Curacao) so they can provide games like poker online, Australia cannot do a thing about it.


There are many different variations of poker out there for us, Australians, to choose from. And many more good Australian poker sites to check out. We hope that our guide will give confidence to new players to start gambling. And veterans of the game can learn a couple of new tricks here. Today is a good day to register, grab welcome bonuses and enjoy poker.


Do casinos allow multi-accounting?

No, it is strongly prohibited in any online casino. The suspicious activity from the one IP can lead to a ban.

Website is blocked, how to play then?

Use VPN, proxy or mirror site. Modern solutions can be set up in a couple of clicks even if you have not used them at all.

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