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Updated at 07.07.2022

Profits lies in political betting

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Modern slot machine enthusiasts possess many interests beyond simple reel spinning, so the industry is ready to fulfill them. For example, in the past 10 years politics became very mainstream even in AU, thanks to Trump vs. Hillary elections. But that does not mean political betting is some kind of 21st century invention.

Home historical documents stand the Ancient Rome citizens made bets on the forthcoming parliament policies. But it is pretty much another page in the gambling history and today’s sites offer a completely unique experience. Our goal is to introduce online political betting to newcomers and experienced gamers.

Not so easy

Veterans of sport events wagers may find many similarities between these 2 types of gambling. Less experienced gamers obviously need explanations on the variations and political betting lines the internet gambling sites provide. In general, you need to guess what will happen or not, but to be more specific we show some examples:

  1. 50/50. Often the choice of 2 where you may need, for example, guess about Scott Morrison stays or not.
  2. Leading party. Speaking about US elections it may come to a couple of percent difference to have the majority in parliament. So the process of analyzing tons of data then watching the event unfold in real time provides the thrill.
  3. Passed legislation. Unfortunately, it is the common practice where candidates make fake promises just to get the upper hand. Therefore, it is very high risk high real money return wagers to guess what was true.
  4. State percentage distribution. When it comes to federal states, each region has its own overall vote count. So if some of them are more competitive than others it may be a good opportunity to earn cash.
  5. Statistics. The final results may be determined by the political schemes behind the scenes. But that is in your power to guess what the people think. This method encourages research and experience in the field.

And let us not forget that just like sports, political betting sites have so called lines. Developers condense bets in one package. The winner who guessed 90% of the line may claim thousands or the 10s of thousands times the stake.

Baby steps

We suggest reading this section for any newcomers to the field. Election betting may be nuanced but the algorithm of getting into it are pretty streamlined:

  1. Authorize. Unlike the online casinos you cannot find demo games in any desktop political betting app. So you need to create a fresh account to create an individual e-wallet.
  2. Learn the interface. Navigating the site as fast as possible may be the difference between 100 AUD and 10000 AUD wins. Moreover, you can find interesting bonus offers by exploring pages.
  3. Claim gifts. Gaining protection to the 1st stake or 300% multiplier to the next fund addition may result in greater profits. Climb membership ranks to get progressively better rewards from the site.
  4. Choose your 1st event to bet. Click on the banners, open the list of ongoing stake opportunities and prove your analysis was right.

Do not forget to check out the app for PCs and smartphones. Dynamic resolution scaling allows you to play on tablets and other mobile devices too. Android users may enjoy more opportunities than iOS ones due to the 3rd party application vendor policies.

What you should look forward

But what is the best way to make a couple of bets if not the political events on the horizon. Australian political life rarely has world-shaking consequences, so we will give you a list of upcoming events to hit banks:

  1. 2024 USA. Who knows if it will be Trump's revanche or Biden’s second term. Results may have a huge impact on the world’s economy and influence even others bets!
  2. Australian House of Representatives elections. Aussies may be more emotionally invested in it because the result may lead to a completely different legislation course.
  3. Wuhan Virus. This problem became a part of global politics. You can bet on the date when pandemic ends or how a new wave will affect the countries.

We suggest exploring the propositioned lines to learn which upcoming events promise an interesting competition to participate in.

Pick the right place for political betting Australia

Just like the regular gaming places the same political betting tips need to be used when choosing the fair sites:

  • license;
  • trusted bank processors;
  • appealing bet lines;
  • working support.

When the target is set, it is a good time to add some cash and convert your knowledge into profit!


Q: Is there any legal consequence for AU political betting sites users?

A: Online gambling is completely safe for participants.

Q: What is the best place to start?

A: Our team of experts suggest starting from the relatively transparent events where you can make a guess using news articles.

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